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Save up to 50%

on your monthly bills!


Discount Zone INC brings you discount on all your bills. We are working with all companies of USA, CANADA and AUS and bring you gift cards.

We not only provide you with discounts on your utility bills, but also on buying goods from your retailer. We can provide you with 50% discount depending on your merchant's retailing.

Our sales team is always active and ready to help you in case you need our support.

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How it works?

Do you feel like your monthly bills are too high?

Discount Zone INC can help lower your monthly bills. We can negotiate lower payments on your

Cell Phone, Electricity, Water, Internet, Home Mortgage, Credit Card and many more!


Discount Zone INC has been proudly providing high quality product and services to the USA, CANADA and AUS since 2005. What differentiates us from other businesses is our ability to truly connect with our customer, and provide the exceptional, compassionate services they deserve.

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We will set up and consolidate all your home utilities enabling you to save money on your household bills.


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